Schamanische Lebenshilfe und Beratung
Traditionelle Heilkünste zur Aktivierung der Selbstheilungskräfte

Shamanic counselling session

Do you have a physical problem you would like help with, something where classic medicine can be complemented? Do you feel a tension between yourself and your partner or a colleague at work? Have you noticed that certain patterns seem to repeat themselves throughout your life? Do you have to make a decision but need more insight? Are you curious to discover the non-ordinary reality (NOR)?

Shamanism can give us help and advice in all areas of life.

Ancient healing rituals and techniques help us to reactivate our self-healing powers. The client is always viewed holistically.

During a shamanic counselling session we will explore all facets of an issue. We will be guided the whole time by the spirits and light will be shed on the motivations and causes behind issues. Rituals and healing techniques will be used and pragmatic tips and help can be given.

You can send me a message requesting an appointment easily via the contact page.

You can also commision a distant healing. Your issue(s) and questions are clarified prior to the commision in a short conversation. The distant healing will then be done during the following days and an email "report" will be sent to you. Any open questions after that can be discussed during a short talk. You do not need to by physically present for a distant healing, however, it is just as effective as a face-to-face session.

Further services include house and property cleansings, rituals to let go or for materialising projects and wishes, and much more.

The balancing fee for a session or other work is €90,- per hour.

Power animals ~ Extraction ~ Soul retrieval ~ Family constellation work ~ Energy work ~ Animal communication ~ Smudgings and cleansings ~ Medicine pouches ~ Drum work ~ Dissolving of patters ~ Obtaining insight and understanding ~ Didgeridoo und sound healings ~ Schamanic dances ~ Help in decision making ~ Spiritual journeys ~ Blessings ~ Birth date analysis ~ Rituals ~ Positive life orientation ~ Effigy work ~ Templecleansing in and around the body ~ Healing songs ~ Prayers ~ and many more techniques according to M.U.F.