Schamanische Lebenshilfe und Beratung
Traditionelle Heilkünste zur Aktivierung der Selbstheilungskräfte

The smell of white sage hangs in the air, the sound of the drum is the hoofbeat of a horse taking you to the non-ordinary reality, the spiritual world. A candle - the element of fire - burns in the centre of the room, next to bowls for the other elements - smudge herbs, earth and water...

The art of healing and energy work according to ancient traditions.

Do you have an issue, a problem, a question? Or are you simply curious about your power animal?

Here you can find details about my shamanic counselling and workshops.

During a shamanic councelling session you can receive help and advice, experience a healing ritual or receive family constellation work. Underlying roots will be brought to light so that an issue can permanently be laid to rest.

Shamanic work can help in all areas of life: be it physical or emotional, in a family, a relationship or in your job. Burdens can be let go or a besser sense of self achieved. Shamanic work can help you rediscover yourself or find new friends and helpers.